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About the Abu Dhabi Export Gateway

The “Abu Dhabi Export Gateway” project is one of the important initiatives through which the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development seeks to diversify its support services for local exporting companies with the aim of enhancing their contribution to the emirate's GDP by increasing its efficiency and export capacity. In addition to developing its business and investments to become more diversified.
This strengthens Abu Dhabi's position as a commercial gateway in the Middle East and North Africa. The portal constitutes a new incentive, as it will contain a set of innovative technical solutions and digital content, which keeps pace with the aspirations of the Abu Dhabi government to increase the non-oil exports of its national enterprises in the global markets. 
The “Abu Dhabi Export Gateway” is an information platform that provides sizable and diversified marketing opportunities, covering more than 100 national products are exported across more than 10 sectors (categories), and targeting more than 60 markets around the world. Some of the services provided by the “Abu Dhabi Export Gateway” to the exporter’s community include:
  • Country Insight report
  • Sector Insight report
  • Economic data and trade statistics for target market and sectors for the UAE in general and Abu Dhabi in particular
  • Trade statistics for the most exported national products.
  • Identify trading partners, and the opportunities available in the target markets and sectors.
  • Export/import guide, which helps the exporters to identify all the information, procedures, rules, and forms related to shipping and packaging, in addition to general information about doing business in the markets.
  • Shipping, distance, Insurance costs and tariffs estimating tool
  • Partner selecting tool based on various economic indicators and criteria
  • Market risk index, with the aim of increasing the rates of national exports and opening new markets for them.
  • Trade News and events covers all target markets & sectors.

Source: DG Market

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